This pandemic has already taken 1.5 years of our lives. Everyone has suffered in some way or the other due to this pandemic and had to adapt to a new way of living. Businesses had to make new policies for work-from-home and integrate new methods that could be used to carry out normal business and office activities. 

Nevertheless, a lot of people are still struggling to find beneficial alternatives that they can use in lockdown. Hence we came up with a few tools that you can benefit from while staying under lockdown.

1. Google Meet

One of the essential business activities is meetings, but under lockdown gathering, everyone in a single room can be quite difficult and also dangerous to your health. An online option for you to use is Google Meet.

Google Meet can securely get you connected with people on video conferences or audio calls. It can hold meetings of up to 250 people and is easily accessible on any device. There’s also a share screen option that you can use for presentations!

2. Slack

Communication is key to running a business. With Slack, you can bring all communication into one place. You can create different channels for different topics of discussion, threads to manage a conversation without any information overload, and connect with people directly on their Slack DMs too.

Moreover, you can also connect other platforms you use for business on slack for easy access and a smoother workflow.

3. Trello

With more responsibilities piling up daily, it becomes harder to keep track of everything and work productively. With Trello, you can create multiple to-do lists on the go, and prioritize your work efficiently.

You can also add team members to a board to keep them in the know, assign work, and create workflow pipelines without any need for physical presence, all your schedules just one tap away.

4. Invoice Ninja

Generating and sending invoices, tracking payments, and managing monetary resources are quite essential for day-to-day business activities and long-term planning. Don’t let the lockdown damper your activities. By using Invoice Ninja, you’ll be able to easily generate invoices for clients, track payments, time billable tasks, and more. Fulfill all your accounting needs with a single app on your phone.

5. Sejda

Documentation is and paperwork can be quite a hassle even under normal circumstances, but they’re essential nonetheless. Through Sejda, you can easily fill in pdfs, edit them as much as you like. Moreover, it also helps you sign documents digitally, which can be quite useful under lockdown. Sending a client a contract for signing? From now on simply attach a link for in the email and get everything signed easily!

6. Buffer

A business needs to keep several social media platforms running to engage with customers, marketing products, and finding new opportunities. Using Buffer, you can post on several platforms at the same time, and also schedule your posts to go at different time intervals to avoid any last-minute incidents.

There are many more tools that you can find online for your business needs while staying under lockdown. So, keep yourself focused, start working, and if there’s a useful tool you know, share it with everyone by leaving a comment! Lastly, you can save this list through our Instagram post on this topic, and find some alternatives as well!

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