In this capitalistic race, we often forget to give time to the things we work hard for. It is quite easy to get so wound up in the “grind”, almost addictive, that we forget why we are doing it. There are different views of people on how your work-life balance should be, but most of them agree that there should be a significant balance everyone should keep between their work life and their personal life.

To even start this balancing act, you have to divide your life into different parts, which are these 4 parts:

1. Self

With the overburdening responsibilities on everyone, it is important to find some time for yourself. Doing things that you like and finding time for your hobbies is a great way to keep yourself healthy while swimming through the ups and downs of life.


2. Family

Your family is the people you care about, the people you love, and they are your responsibility. If you are not in touch with your family you are most likely to regret it later, which also affects your productivity because of the built-up stress.


3. Friends

Humans are social creatures, and even if you’re an introvert, having social interactions are very important to lift your mood. It helps you keep yourself calm and teaches you how to enjoy life. And if you have good friends then they’ll also help you grow!


4. Work

This is your professional life, your career, something that can easily determine your future. Money may not be everything, but you still need it to even get the basic necessities of life. Moreover, it is well known that if you’re not happy with your work, your job, it affects your mood, your attitude, your general demeanor. So, do what you like and be prepared for a little hard work, because that’s a part of life and you will need to learn how to embrace it.


Why do you need to have a work - life balance

Keeping it simple, without a balanced life you’ll stay unhappy and keep wondering why with no definite answer, It will affect your work, your hobbies, and even your relationships. You’ll start to feel like falling down a rabbit hole where you are unable to do anything, disinterested in everything.

On the other hand, a good work-life balance will keep you happy and fulfilled. It will boost your productivity, your morale, your thinking, and help you become a better person. It is also the secret to a happy life.

If you are not doing something you enjoy, then your work will feel meaningless, and if you’re not being productive enough then you won’t feel deserving of enjoying the things that you like.

So, start thinking of a healthy work-life balance from today and set boundaries between the different parts of your life, prioritize time by adhering to bedtime, and setting limits to your Netflix and general screen time. Give time to your friends and family, and most importantly yourself! Plan and schedule your tasks, but keep them fluid and adjustable for spontaneity and the uncertainty of life.

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