It’s been a long ongoing debate of what’s more important for success, idea or execution? With varying schools of thought, the debate stretches out to great lengths with various points that can be explored. But there’s always one similarity in these debates, that people always discuss it in a manner of “Idea vs Execution”.

To get that bread, you need both, and you need to be able to determine the extent of both. Without the execution, every idea is nothing more than empty words. Similarly, if the idea is not worth it, no amount of effort can make it flourish.

The same concepts are applied to design as well. Whatever type of design you practice, you’ll need your ideas, your creativity, to keep coming up with different and unique deliverables. And you’ll need the experience and expertise to bring that creativity to life.

How to come up with better ideas

It is easy to get lost in the chase of something unique. But finding something unique can be more unproductive and useless than you might think. You’ll need to think according to what can be rather than what could be.

An easier way to go about it is to “curate” ideas instead. Firstly, think of what you need, what message you want to get across, or what will be the purpose of your design. According to that, start researching not just the idea of the content, but the designs as well. Get examples from other designs that are already posted online. Match the content you want with your design ideas and repeat.

Lastly, and most importantly, research your audience. Get to know your audience better and come up with ideas that they would want to see. The main purpose of your designs is to attract your audience so keep your design ideas as user-centric as possible.

How to ace design execution

Firstly, you need the right assets to make sure your design delivers exactly what you are thinking. A viewer’s perception is always different so it’s always better to try different objects to test what would work. There are several free online resources that you can use like Freepik or Unsplash(you can check out our Instagram post on stock photo sites). Gather and search multiple of them to find the “most suitable” assets for your design.

Secondly, you need to test your idea on the screen with different assets. Make multiple versions if you need to and compile the assets you have in different forms. Keep an open mind and don’t fixate on perfection, rather go for the “best possible” design.

Lastly, make sure that you get feedback. As mentioned earlier, your designs should be user-centric. So, get constructive design feedback from other people to know what message it gives to different sets of eyes.

What Now?

Obviously, you’ll need to overcome other barriers as well like procrastination, or how to get started, but all that is a discussion for another day, another blog. The bottom line to the “Idea vs Execution” debate is that both are important. But they don’t assure success, so don’t be down even if you don’t get the results you expected from a design, pursue other ideas and keep going.

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