We were hired by a private benefactor to prototype an exclusive online showroom for the best and emerging cars in Pakistan. The project was strongly driven on three objectives; captivating design, exclusivity and the ability to access every car on the homepage. Across three categories (Economy, Luxury, SUV) 4 cars were to be handpicked every month: their key information, specifications and reviews to be displayed.

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01Our Approach

After much competitive market research and experimenting, we created a unique visual language with crimson red and charcoal grey as main colours on a light gray background. Supporting visuals were inspired by tyre treads and are used consistently throughout the whole website. Information was taken off appropriate sources and woven together cohesively, making several different brands and models look familiar and easy-to-process. However, the most challenging part of the whole project was to fit 12 cars and 3 categories ‘just a click away’.


The Result

An intuitive navigation system was developed for the platform which would allow users to browse all the featured list of cars seamlessly. The landing page would present cards of featured cars that would provide sufficient information on a quick glance and further information a click away.