Health Alerts

Health Alerts is a prototype platform that bridges the gap of health-related information between the government and the general populace. Information published in advisories is often complicated, not easily accessible, or user-friendly. Health Alerts aims to collect, organize and present information relating to disease outbreaks and general awareness.

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01Our Approach

A bold visual approach was exercised throughout the whole project. Supporting visuals back up the hard numbers and information is presented in a clean and visually attractive way to make it as accessible as possible. The landing page is updated to reflect the most recent and common threats to the public, with the ability to subscribe to receive SMS alerts or learn in-depth about the outbreak. Each disease is represented with strong visual elements and a unique colour for distinction across the whole website, and has information about at-risk people, preventive measures, symptoms, and trusted published media available for easy access.


The Result

The concepts helped present different health issues in a user-centric manner. It also helped an understandable way to provide alerts and suggestions to the audience which otherwise would be too technical for your layman audience to understand.