Rise of the champions

Torque, a training agency filled with captivating motivational speakers and trainers for a huge variety of industries. They aim to be a distinct learning provider, bold and innovative, futuristic, and collaborative; unlike traditional consultancies.

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01The Goal

Torque carried out a workshop for Unilever named “Rise of the champions”, for which they required a key visual to be printed and put up during the event. The theme, as in the name, was about boosting the morale of employees to achieve something more, to aspire for bigger things, and to become “champions”.

02Our Approach

We started with initial sketches and brainstorming to streamline the main concept of the key-visual, from where we went on to experiment with silhouettes, resulting in the final artwork having a flamboyant background with aesthetically designed silhouettes to reflect the spirit of the event perfectly.


The Result

An exceptional design was created which got used in all the marketing campaigns of the event and through the workshop. It served as the depiction of what the workshop stood for.