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We were hired by a private benefactor to prototype an exclusive online showroom for the best and emerging cars in Pakistan. The project was strongly driven on three objectives; captivating design, exclusivity and the ability to access every car on the homepage. Across three categories (Economy, Luxury, SUV) 4 cars were to be handpicked every month: their key information, specifications and reviews to be displayed.

Rickey Whittington is a philanthropist who has fed over 27 thousand families and contributed nearly $1 million for the betterment of the community. The R.Whittington Foundation has given back to the people through several scholarship and community initiatives.

Hanson Foods is an international food company that penetrates the food industry with it’s tasty and au natural pastes and other condiments for various Pakistani delicacies. They deal in both B2B and B2C. Their aim: to provide the best quality of everyday food products for everyday kitchen experiences.

The 8-year-old club had a website that was outdated and they engaged us to create a modern website that would reflect the goals and intent of the club’s new ambitions.