Seamless Expreiences, Beautiful Interfaces

Sonorous conducts UI/UX audits, competitive analysis, understands your pain points and aligns our efforts with your business goals and industry-standard practices in order to design visual interfaces that make every experience users have with your brand meaningful.

Our collaborative process uses key brand identity elements and function-driven design principles to create cohesive and stunning designs that carry the tone of your brand to deliver the right message to the right audience. 



  1. Discovery

Interactive session(s) with the client for an in-depth understanding of business goals, pain points, competition and the brand itself.


  1. Analysis & Audit

Competitive analysis is conducted and key use cases are researched to apply industry best practices. Usability audits are carried out to better understand the customer journey when applicable.


  1. Low-fidelity prototyping

Website’s User Interface is conceptualized through wireframes and user journey maps are produced. This is shared with the client to introduce them to how their new website will operate better with added feedback.


  1. High-fidelity prototyping

Visual direction and layout are experimented with, mood-boards are prepared and high-fidelity prototypes are designed and shared with the client for feedback before the sign off of the website’s design direction and UI/UX.


  1. Interactive design

The interface of the design is audited, the behaviour is studied and improved to create consistent motion and engagement when applicable. 


  1. Assets and guide

A library of UI elements is created and shared along with a recommended usage guide for the relevant applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

User Interface (UI) refers to the graphical layout of an app; consisting of colours, text, fonts, images, icons and other visuals that are designed.

User Experience (UX) of an app refers to how difficult or easy it is to interact with the User Interface (UI) created by the designers. UX relates to the structure and functionality to determine how interactions with user occur.

UX and UI designers work hand-in-hand to ensure that their application is visually attractive as well as logically interactive.

Sonorous conducts UX/UI audits, competitive analysis, understand our client’s pain points and align our efforts with their business goals and industry-standard practices in order to design visual interfaces that make every experience users have with the application meaningful.

In broad strokes, our UX/UI flow is divided into the 6 following steps:

  1. Discovery
  2. Analysis and Audit
  3. Low-Fidelity Prototyping
  4. High-Fidelity Prototyping
  5. Interactive Design
  6. Assets & Guide

Yes, we believe it to be a mutually beneficial and fruitful relationship to work with innovators and brilliant mind, and are always excited to work with and assist startups!

Definitely, our agency can be hired at a retainer to outsource or supplement your in-house design team.

In our experience, the minimum time that a project takes is approximately 2 months. The target is to create a strong relationship and long-term value for our clients and to allow them the room to discuss and take decisions on design direction.

Our process also includes researching, analysing and auditing to allow us to make design decisions that contribute to our client’s project goals, as well as a thorough review and quality assurance to produce pixel perfect quality – and that takes time.

The cost is dependant on the scope of the work, timeline, and expertise. Our team will conduct an initial discovery to understand the scope of the project before providing an estimated proposal. 

Typically, it costs PKR 300K and above to engage us for a UX/UI project.

We use Adobe XD for User Interface (UI) design and Adobe After Effects for more complex animations and interactions.

Slack and Google Meet has proven to be a trustworthy and reliable mode of communication to us, and we usually stick to it. However, we are open to other tools as our priority is to have an open communication flow regardless of the platform.

We usually check in bi-weekly for asynchronous progress updates, addressing queries or updating timelines. Typically, results are shared and reviews are done via presentations and a Google Meet. We prefer to keep our communication asynchronous – saving everyone a lot of time.

Clients based in Pakistan can pay invoices via Inter-Bank Funds Transfer (IBFT) to our firm’s accounts.

International clients can pay invoices via Credit/Debit Card through Payoneer invoice payment services.