Attract and convert customers with a compelling website

Sonorous will conduct UI/UX audits and/or competitive analysis to align our efforts with your business goals, pain points and industry standards to design a website that tells your story, increases conversion and captivates users.

Sonorous will professionally design and develop your brand’s website after a discovery phase which will help understand business goals, pain points, and competitive analysis – that will help align our efforts to design and develop a website that increases conversion.

Our process uses key brand identity elements and function-driven design principles to create cohesive and stunning websites that carry the tone of your brand to deliver the right message to the right audience. 


  1. Discovery

Sonorous will conduct interactive session(s) with the client to understand in-depth about business goals, pain points, competition and the brand.

  1. Analysis & audit

Competitive analysis is conducted and key use cases are researched to apply industry best practices. Usability audits are carried out to better understand the customer journey when applicable.

  1. Site structure

Specifications are drawn up and reviewed with the client. User flows and journeys are mapped and conceptualized.

  1. Low-fidelity prototyping

Website is sketched and conceptualized, low-fidelity wireframes are made.

  1. Design concept

Visual direction and layout are experimented with, mood-boards are prepared and high-fidelity clickable prototypes are designed and shared when applicable.

  1. Interaction design

The interface of the prototype is audited, the behaviour is studied and improved to create consistent motion and engagement. 

  1. Asset collection/creation

Iconography, illustrations and photographs are curated or created when applicable.

  1. Front-end development

Web pages are coded, and the latest front end technologies are integrated to enhance UX

  1. Back-end development

Application and administration are programmed, databases and relevant features are integrated into the website.

  1. Quality assurance

The live demo hosted on our servers is tested extensively to discover bugs, errors or issues in usability. The usability is tested against expectations to ensure a premium build quality. Security is tested as per the industry best practices to verify integrity and privacy.

  1. Launch

The website, upon review and sign-off by the client, is migrated to the live servers.

  1. Support

After launch, Sonorous will closely monitor and provide support for the website to make certain that any unforeseen issues are dealt with immediately and that the website is performing as intended

Frequently Asked Questions

Our process uses key brand identity elements and function-driven design principles to create cohesive and beautiful websites that carry the tone of our client’s brand to the right audience. 

12 steps are typically involved in the design and development of a website.

  1. Discovery
  2. Analysis & audit
  3. Site structure
  4. Low-fidelity prototyping
  5. Design concept
  6. Interaction design
  7. Asset collection/creation
  8. Front-end development
  9. Back-end development
  10. Quality assurance
  11. Launch
  12. Post-launch support

A web project takes approximately 4 months and more to be designed, developed, tested and deployed depending on the client’s requirements. 

Setup for templated websites usually takes lesser time, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

The cost is dependent on the scope of the work, timeline, and expertise. Our team will conduct an initial discovery to understand the scope of the project before providing an estimated proposal. 

Typically, it costs PKR 300K and above for a designed, developed, tested, and deployed website depending on the client’s requirements. Development for WordPress themed websites starts at PKR 100K.

Hit us up for a free consultation on the best approach

Websites are akin to a digital storefront for a brand, a marketing medium and an extension of the brand’s identity. WordPress templates are a one-size-fits-all solution; they’re not designed expressly around representing a brand and solving its problems. Whereas a fully custom designed website is built from the ground up around the client’s brand and their needs.

The finesse and fit between a tailor-made suit and one off the rack is the anecdote that best explains the difference between a template and a custom-designed website – the latter is tailored to a client.

We do not offer any hosting or domain services, however, we advise and assist our clients in purchasing them from the appropriate services to make the process as seamless as possible.

Yes, we offer a retainer for website maintenance to ensure prompt support for addressing bugs, fixes and support for improvements. 

If you are a client, your new website will usually include a month or more of free maintenance included to oversee a seamless handoff to your team and support your project – which you can further extend to long term support.

Our specialities consist of WordPress Theme development, Laravel applications, REST APIs, Single Page Applications and Server Side Rendered Applications with VueJS/NuxtJS.

Clients based in Pakistan can pay invoices via Inter-Bank Funds Transfer (IBFT) to our firm’s accounts.

International clients can pay invoices via Credit/Debit Card through Payoneer invoice payment services.